• Greatest Hits


    House Old Fashioned

    house aged spirit blend, house bitters blend, more house secret stuff, N2


    Rosemary Clooney

    rosemary-infused vodka, lemon, dry curaçao, honey, absinthe


    Pimm’s No. 1212

    pimm’s cordial, london dry gin, cucumber, lemon, ginger, absinthe, soda, bitters, mint


    Tangerine Gimlet

    gin, mezcal, tangerine, lime, campari, ancho chili


    Brass Monkey

    amaro meletti, orange cordial, grapefruit, bitter almond, lime, angostura bitters, pint of beer


    Green Beast

    absinthe, cucumber, lime


    Ken-Tiki Kentucky

    bourbon, navel orange, madagascar vanilla, lemon, citrus bitter, nutmeg


    Montenegro Daiquiri

    amaro montenegro, navy-strength jamaican rum, lime


    Bourbon & Brandy Old Fashioned

    bourbon, armagnac, px sherry, house bitters blend


    Manhattan Date Night

    rye whiskey, date-infused cognac, vermouths, curaçao, bénédictine, smoke


    The Classic Gin Tonic

    broker’s london dry, q’s tonic, orange and lemon zests, cinnamon


    The Bold Gin Tonic

    st. george terroir, fever tree mediterranean tonic, rosemary, alpine, lime




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    Winter Batch 2 2019

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